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I was trying to write something. . .

 So, yeah I'm back, kind of . . . well, some news I'm going  in the Art's University in August 6, and I'm practicing my drawing and my writing.
So I wanted to share the stuff I'll be making in this vacation time, starting with this post.
Lately my likes are in the "Avengers - mania" specially for Thor/Loki, or just Loki ( or it was Tom Hiddleston?), or just Robert Downey Jr.
And I discovered the nice norse_kink community, the AO3 community, and my writing nerve started tickling.
I saw this prompt like four days a go "Thor and Loki are wrestling around one day to practice "sparring" or what have you. Thor gets Loki in a submission hold, gets hard, and humps his little brother till he comes.
Loki can either participate (my preference) or be mortified"

I totally liked it and started to "write" the next day, I posted the first part  like an hour ago, my spirit is writing this post. . . yeah I died from nervousness and excitement. And my spirit will be in hell if someone doesn't like it. . .  I'm just to excited/worried :s
It's really short, actually I liked the prompt because it's not such a long story and it requires a lot of describing, things that I want to practice the next part will be up maybe in two days.
Here it is!

- Loki! Brother! – 
Loki rolled his eyes, it was the third time that Thor interrumpted his studies this morning, he was sitting nicely  in his own cloak, in the middle of  a hidden garden (that was supossed to be only his, but when Loki and Thor were children, he had taught him how to get there, now he regreted it)
-  What do you want this time? -  He said standing, facing his brother 
– I want to make a bet with you – 
Loki scowled,  A bet?, “It’s surely a stupid idea from the warriors three and Sif, something easy indeed, but worthless to do” Loki tought as he walked, carrying his books intending to ignore Thor’s words and leaving to his chambers.
- Train with me – Said Thor grabbing his arm, making the books fall – Oh, sorry – and he began to pick up the books as he spoke  - Well, actually this bet is for me,  Sif said that you  are too weak to fight with me, I told her it wasn't true, you're my brother and therefore you are perfectly able to fight against me. She betted that you wouldn't even accept a training. I told her that you would accept– 
- Stupid Sif, she is always making fool statements about me – Oh did she said that? – Loki vanished the books from Thor’s hands with a spell - Well, my dear brother of course I’m capable of having a fight or training with you, I can even win – 
Thor smirked and laughed – Well I’m waiting –
Loki grinned and with a quick spell dissapeared, leaving Thor confused, he reappeared  behind  Thor, kicking him in the back and making him fall on the floor.
Loki laughed, he saw his brother rolling in the floor, trying to reach him, Loki moved but  he couldn’t take a step, Thor had grabbed him by  the ankle. Loki fell with great force.  – Ow! stupid big oaf! -  Thor just laughed and pinned Loki to the ground. – So, what are you going to do now brother? – 
 Just when this phrase was ended, Thor felt a freezing air in his chest, impulsing him throught the air, finally pushing him towards a tree, hitting his back. 
The clone that Thor had pinned into the ground melted, and the real Loki freezed his wrists around the tree.
- What am I going to do? Well ,my dear brother, since I have won this “fight” I’ll go to my chambers to finish my studies and  - His words were silenced by the weight of Thor over  him, making Loki fall on his knees  -How! How did you? -  - It’s just ice brother, you didn’t freeze my hands enough to keep me there -  Thor had  Loki’s  hands in his back, keeping them together with a nice grip. 
- ----
More news?? I'll upload some drabbles of megadeth and metallica fandom that  I didn't posted before  :)

New Ficcie - Van - Dave/James

Here it is the first one !!!

Title: Van

Pairing: Dave/ James

Rating: NC -17

Warnings: Sexy stuff. And  a joke that I hate ._. sorry for that.

Wip: One Chapter. Finished ( Jesus, I love that word)

Disclaimer: Is all fictional, and we don`t own Megadeth or Metallica  or any of his members.

So! Before the fiction.

Dave parts by plushie_lover James parts by uxfxt  and the spelling checked by bipolar_brit  thanks again !

Enjoy it and thanks for read.

- - - - - Van - - - - - - 
Somewhere in the road Tallica guys are going to SF  in Johnny's Van

- So, why are we going to Francisco James? -

- ... Dave... Do I have to explain everything to you? Johnny needs to do business or something. I don't know, he doesn't want to explain it to us.

- Uhg, and why are we with him? It's his problem not ours. - Dave asked while drinking his beer.

-  Tell that to him. I said he doesn't want to explain it to me ....and DON'T! touch that, that's my beer - James said to Dave, removing his beer from Dave's hand.

- Hey, but I want beer - Dave said trying to get the can from James's hands.

- Well  they're beside you!...ok ok, I'll get you one - Said James, he was to tired to stand up so he leaned on Dave's lap stretching to reach a beer.

Dave smirked and ran one finger across James spine, making him arch his back.

James blushed and kept stretching to got the beer

- Fucking bullshit! I can't get it... - 

Dave giggled pushing James by his ass - You get it now? -

James got to the pack but dropped them all over the van, surprised - God, Dave why you do that?! - James stepped back sitting beside Dave.

Dave picked up one of the beers from the floor of the van - I wanted to help you to get the beer - He laughed.

If you weren't so lazy... whatever, give me one, you made me drop mine.

- Here you go - Said Dave giving James one can.

- You liked it didn't you?

- What, what are you talking about? Said James nervously.

- Oh come on , you know what I'm talking about. - Dave drank his beer and said - Me, touching your butt -

- D-Dave that's not right...

- I'm not asking you about if it's bad or good - He got closer to James and placed his hand on James's knee

- I'm asking if you liked it - He drank his beer - Cuz, I do, I liked it -

- h...-James was just babbling, he didn't knew what to answer

Dave giggled and placed one of his fingers to James's lips - Ok, now take a deep breath and answer ok? - Dave moved his fingers, grabbing James's hand

James said the first word that popped in his head - yeah...- then he blushed

Dave smiled and drank, still holding James's hand, and, after a few second he said - Cool man.. -

- Fuck, I'm sleepy - Said James placing his head in Dave's shoulder

Dave turned his head looking at James's blushed face and his hair.

- Don't sit there then...I know where you can be more comfy - He said and placed James in his lap hugging him.

 - But...Dave.- Dave interrupted James with a kiss.

Dave kissed James, feeling him tense up, but after a few seconds he felt James kissing him back and relaxing in his arms.

James placed his hands at Dave's neck, kissing him passionately.

Dave took James by his hips, sliding his hands under James t-shirt, exploring James`s mouth with his tongue.

James got up and sat on Dave's lap, this time leaving Dave's legs between his legs.

- Wanna take your shirt off, man? - Said Dave as he kissed James.

- Take yours off first... - 

- Ohh being rude huh? - Dave grinned and took his shirt off.

- Grr, hahaha - Said James kissing Dave , trying to hide his shame.

Dave kissed James and asked him - You're a little kittie now?...sitting in my lap and purring at me? -

Dave pinched one of James nipples - Want your milk or what ? -

- Mmm..Yeah , I'm your little kittie...and I want my milk - James was trying to act rude so Dave wouldn't notice he was nervous.

- Cool then...- Dave kissed James once last time before James knelt - You may have it - He said unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

James was now trembling, he was nervous and anxious at the same time as he has never done this before.

Dave stared at James face – What's wrong, kid? You haven't done this before? -

-  Mmm..N-no I haven't.- 

Dave rolled his eyes and sighed - It's easy... - caressing James's cheek softly Dave drew out his dick,

- Touch it.. - He said.

- I-I touch it...this way? - James started to jerk off Dave.

Dave moaned - Yeah, that way...now...haha fuck I don't know how to explain it...just lick it man -

James started to lick the tip of Dave's cock – Is this ok? - 

Dave's eyes were closed in pleasure - Yeah, it's good... now try to...take it onto your mouth, watch your teeth -

 - Ok... - In the moment James took it in his mouth, he remembered a joke his mother used to tell him and started to laugh , instantly removing Dave's cock from his mouth...

- Ok Ok, sorry.- 

Dave grabbed James's head, playing with his hair - It`s ok, try again - He smiled.

- Ok, I promise I'm not going to laugh now... - James took Dave's cock in his mouth again, this time doing it right.

- Oh! My fucking... - Dave moaned loudly - Yeah, that's good. Now bob your head and suck it James, You're doing it well.

James bobbed his head as Dave told him and tried to get ...tried to get all of Dave`s dick in his mouth.

- Mmmhh..fuck you really want your milk don't you?..fuck - Dave was panting heavily - Cuz you're going to get it soon -

James bobbed his head faster now, then suddenly stopped because he was choking.

- Fuck, swallow it idiot! - Said Dave.

Dave's voice tone scared James , and he started to suck again.

Dave sighed and raised James's head.  - No, swallow it, my cum ok? , you did it great -

James licked every drop of cum and swallowed it.

- Good boy - Dave placed James in his lap again kissing him softly - You did it well -

- He smiled and kissed James again, placing his hand at the bulge in James's pants - Do you want me to stroke you huh ? -

- ok...mmm...y-yeah, I think so. - 

- You think so?- Dave raised an eyebrow - what kind of answer is that? -

- . . .Yeah please... - 

- Ok then,  kiss me first. - 

James kissed Dave as he ordered him.

 - Now? - 

Keep kissing me -Said Dave guiding his hand inside James's pants, drawing out his dick and starting to jerk off him -

- ...that way you won't be loud.- 

 - ok... - James kept passionately kissing him while Dave stroked him.

Dave quickened his strokes.

James was begging for more between kisses, trying not to moan too loudly.

Dave used his other hand to touch James balls.

James was now hungrily kissing Dave and he felt he was about to come - Dave..I'm gonna come - he whispered once between kisses.

- Dave smiled - Ok then, come for me -

- Mmm....mhm...Dave! .- James cried out loudly, disobeying what Dave said.

Dave laughed

- Well, sure Johnny already knows what we're doing in the back of his van -

He searched for something to clean up his hand and James chest.
 - huh? oh.. yeah, sorry Dave.  -

- James stood up and Dave did too, buttoning his pants.

 - Do you think they noticed us? - Said James, looking at the front of the van where Cliff and Lars where sleeping.

- Uhh...dunno, maybe they did - Said Dave - Come on lets sleep too kid - He hugged James.

- But... I'm not sleepy - Said James grabbing Dave's hand.

- No? And, what do you wanna do kid? We are in a van - Asked Dave.

 - But...what if, if we're in a van?

 - Well...I think we have done enough, what do you want to do ? -

 - Dave I...well, I was just thinking that maybe...you could...ehrm...yeah , that, if maybe you could..fuck me? -

Dave opened his eyes - Oh! Well...I... - He stared at James face - heh, Hell yeah, I´ll do, get off your pants and get on your knees -

 - Well, you don't look too excited after all... - Said James, fluttering his eyelashes at Dave.

 - Dave laughed and slapped James ass - Haha excited? I´ll pound your ass and I´ll show you how excited I am -

- You will? Then show me - James started to unzip his pants.

 - Dave unzipped his pants too, stroking himself while James got on all fours, offering his ass to Dave.

James started to stroke himself too and, with his other hand, he started to prepare himself for Dave.

- Wow, I thought that was my pet - Dave laughed positioning himself behind James.  - Come on, let me do this. - 

He said sliding one finger inside James

 - Uh. Ok then.  - 

- What does it feel like, huh? - He slid another finger inside James going deeper and moving his fingers in and out.

It...it feels great, Dave...- James was now panting with the pleasure.

- Cool, cuz now I'm going to do it properly - He said, starting to penetrate James.

- You ok? - He asked starting to thrust lightly.

- Ah....uh, yeah..I'm, I'm fine..., don't ah..worry- Said James trying to hide the pain he was feeling, which was now turning to pleasure.

Dave thrusts were becoming faster and James moans became louder, so he leaned on James's back placing his hand in James's mouth - Try not to be loud kid, or they´ll hear us - He whispered and then kissed James neck madly thrusting into him.

- Mhmm - James answered Dave, who was about to come. James also quickened the strokes to his own cock.

Dave bit James shoulder as he came.

James came seconds after Dave. Dave moved his hand from James' mouth... - God...that,....that was great.. - Said James, panting heavily.

 - Yeah, it was - Said Dave slipping out of James and lying next to him - We must to this more often, don't ya think? - Dave laughed, kissed James and hugged him.

Yeah, we must - Said James curling up next to Dave .- We must... -James quickly fell asleep.

Dave fell asleep too.

- - - - End - - - 

Damn, you know,  when I'm writing this I feel normal,  but now checking it for last time, I feel so naughty and crazy. .  . xD

Title: Dinner Time

Pairing: Dave/ David

Rating: NC -17

Wip:  4 chapters. Finished

Disclaimer: Is all fictional, and we don`t own Megadeth or any of his members...( damn )

Warnings: Swearing and...( I have to say it) bad jokes.

Ugh sorry >_< I was busy with school!

 Stupid Notes: When me and Vic were writing this she said "her legs" instead of "his legs" and xD It was so funny, we didn`t noticed it until we edited it.
Final Chapter (aka "the attempt to do something sexy ")
Any (horrible and stupid) mistake is totally our fault, if you find something I`ll edit it :3
And Thanks SO much for read this

Back in the house, in Dave`s room.

 - Dave ... did you know that your milk doesn't bore me?

 Dave shocked and stared at David 

- Excuse me...what?-

 - Hahaha... that , what I said... -David blushed and looked innocently at Dave

- Ohh...- Dave hugged David

David started to kiss Dave in his neck

 - I 'm the farmer and you will be my cow...- Said David blushing again

 - Dave giggled  -Oh yeah?... haha then...Muuuu!-

Dave raised David`s head to kiss him on the lips

 - Mmmm....mmh Dave -

- Yeah?...what`s wrong babe?-

-  Mmmm... do you thing if we...do... that.. Chris is going to hear us?...He's awake -  Said Dave worried

-Well, he surely is drunk really drunk-

 - So...I guess we can... -

- If you want to babe..- Said Dave walking to the bed

- It's weird to ask...I mean it was weird for me hahaha -

- Heh, well yes it was- Dave giggled

- Hehe...yeah... -

Dave stared at David, waiting for him to kiss him again or unzip his pants or something, but he was just there looking at him moving his eyes around the room

Dave sighed

- Come here babe, sit in my lap - Dave smirked, - Don `t be shy -

-I’ll try to not to be shy, haha - Dave kissed David and continued his way down to his neck-

- Uhmm, well You`re always shy babe - Said Dave unzipping his pants and David`s

yeah.. - Said David blushing at almost showing his erection to Dave, and seeing Dave's too

- You like it baby?- Said Dave staring at David`s red face

 - uhmm... I ... *I fucking love it!* yeah I do like it Dave  -

- Wanna suck it baby? -

I... I .. yeah - David got on his knees and started to stroke Dave's erection, liking it and placing it in his mouth

- Ummm, Yeah---I like that David...you`re so...so good in this...-

 haha..really? - Said David filling his mouth with that dick he loved

 He got concentrated in Dave`s taste, in how Dave`s cock fitted in his mouth. He knew it, Dave had told him a lot of times, he is good at sucking dick.  And he liked it, he liked to suck dick, so he sucked faster and deeper.

David closed his eyes in pleasure, playing with David`s hair, until it was too much.

- Fuck... get off kid, I`m gonna...I’m going to...-

David doesn't heard Dave.

- Ohh, my fucking...... - Dave rolled ad closed his eyes coming and thrusting in David mouth

David coughed and spat the cum on the floor-cough cough, I didn't saw that coming

Dave lied in the bed

- I warned you before -

-did you? Sorry I wasn't hearing

- What you were doing then? well, sucking my dick but..uhh, whatever, get naked and come here Junior  - Said Dave patting the bed

I was concentrated doing that , hahahaha- David dropped his pants and his shirt and sat in the bed with Dave

Dave pulled David to the top of the bed and placed on top of him, between David spreads legs, and stared at the scene, Junior, naked with a little blush in his face, a drop of cum in the edge of his lips and a big smile

What are you looking at? –

- At you...- Said Dave - You`re so beautiful and... - Dave licked his lips - I wanna fuck you hard...-

oh....D-Dave... - David's face turned to crimson at the moment Dave said that

- Umhh, yeah! I Love that, when you get red it make me hard -

- So, spread your legs kid - Said Dave kissing David and stroking him
David spread his legs as Dave ordered him and returned the kiss

- David, you want the lube or? -

- mmm... i don't know you choose-

- Ok, then suck my finger, like you were sucking my dick - Said Dave

David started to suck Dave's finger as he ordered, putting all the saliva he could, he don't wanted it to hurt

- Yes, that`s good babe - Said Dave pulling his finger out of David`s  mouth, then he placed his slicked finger in David’s entrance, just rubbing firmly

- You`re ok babe?

- mm....mmmm... y-yeah ,ah that hurt -

Dave pushed his finger inside - Sorry babe, hang on, in a minute it`s gonna be awesome -

 - oh...ah yeah... right there -

- There? Good - Dave smiled and pushed another finger, touching David`s sweet spot

- mmmm...yeaah - David was panting and moaning with pleasure at Dave's touch.

Dave leaned on top of David, asking him in the ear - Do you want me to be inside of you babe? -

 - uhm...well...y..y...eah-

- Do you want? Tell me , I wanna hear it -

-YEAH I WANT! - David cried out loud , he couldn't resist Dave

- Good boy - Said Dave smirking and pushing out his fingers, placing his dick in David`s entrance, starting to penetrate him.

mmmmmmmmh.... oh Dave - said David moaning

 You like it babe? - Said Dave thrusting faster an deeper inside David

oh yeah ...mmm...

Dave keep thrusting, hearing David`s moans and whimpering. Then he kissed and sucked his neck, leaving a hickey

-  ah...ah... Dave...i'm gonna come...-

- Come babe come - Dave fastened his thrusts hugging David

 David cried out panting as he came. - oh fuck... -

 Dave rolled his eyes moaning - Fuck David - Dave shooted inside David

David was panting heavily , he couldn't form words. Dave rolled off of David, then he hugged him and kissed his forehead

- David?

- Do you liked this night?  -

yeah ... Dave I...loved it -

- Cool... - Then he stared at David`s face for a few seconds

-...is there something wrong in my face'?

- Nahh, it`s perfect actually, said Dave stroking David`s cheek

- You know something kid? - Asked Dave

- yeah?

- I Love you -

- I love you too-

Fanfiction - Dinner Time -

Title: Dinner Time

Pairing: Dave/ David

Rating: NC -17

Wip:  4 chapters. Finished

Disclaimer: Is all fictional, and we don`t own Megadeth or any of his members...( damn )

Warnings: Swearing and...( I have to say it) bad jokes.

Third Chapter, the dinner. This one is funny, hope you like it.


Dave was smoking, with Junior by his side, walking in the street. David was searching a good restaurant

- So...I can choose?

- Well, yes, but nothing too expensive...- Dave sighed - Maybe that Mc Donald’s over there -

- Mmmm... Can we have home-made food? - There must be someplace like... there! I love spaghettis!! -

Dave stared at the big place. In David`s point of view it was a nice and good restaurant, but in Dave`s was an expensive place.

- Uhhh...- But he saw David with that big smile and his shinny eyes

- Uhh, ok We`ll go there-

 - YEAH! thanks Dave - Junior hugged and kissed him -

- So many time since I don't eat this kind of food, I miss my grand mom food! -

- Yes, just get in the fucking place kid-

- Oh...ok Dave - David entered the place

It was big and warmth and he could smell the food

- Don't you like the smell Dave?

- Yes, it`s good...you really like this place don’t ya?-

- Yeah , it's awesome, thanks Dave! -

- Yeah, it`s nothing babe, now go and sit-

- Ok Dave - David sited as Dave said , and he started to look at the menu

- What`s good for you then? - Asked Dave - What are you going to order?-

 - Mmm... I was thinking on the spaghettis but I think I'll have salad with fried chicken ... and you?

-Ummhh, I dunno..-"Fuck all is too expensive here"-I think...uhhh..same as you babe- Said Dave smiling at David

- Cool, this food is awesome -

 - "Yes, and the price is too" -  Tought Dave

-Hey! Waiter!...yes you guy come here! - Screamed Dave

Yeah sir - asked the waiter - What are you going to order?

- Huh, we want...- "something cheap" - Uhhmm...what did you said David? -

- That salad with fried chicken , please, Oh , and I would like to taste the house's sauce, please -

- Yeah, and do you have beer here? -

- No sir , just wine -

"Wine? Fucking expensive wine?"

- Please give us a wine , the better you have! -

-Bubbb - Dave babbled

- Sir , we have a merlot from Chile aged in oak -

- Yeah , that one please -

-Bububbbb- Dave keep babbling

- What happen Dave? -

-Uhhh.. well...I was thinking...-

- Yeah? -

 - Dave was about to complain about but he saw the giant smile in David`s lips and his shinny eyes.

- Uhhh...uhhh..nothing- "Fuck I don`t want him to be sad" - Ok, ok we want that wine please -

- Immediately Sir. -

The waiter left for a moment

 - I'm so happy Dave!

-  Oh yeah? - Said Dave hiding his worried expression

 - Yeah! I missed to eat so good, don't you feel the same? -

-  Well, I was fine with the cheeseburgers and the booze actually..-

 - Really?  don't know how you can eat that without getting bored , haha -

 - Dave raised an eyebrow - Oh well, I think you never get  tired of "milk" -

 - What you mean? -

 - Dave rolled his eyes and got closer to David and told him in the ear -

 - MY milk-

 - David instantly blushed - Oh Dave I....I...I...I mean... it's different -

 - Hahahaha- Dave laughed

- Yeah, but you swallow it, so you eat it -

 - But... but it isn't the same Dave! - David was even more red

- Hehe, I Love when you get red, you`re as red as that tomato soup over there-

 - Aww Dave don't do that

- Here's your wine, sir - The waiter served the wine

- Your food will be here in minutes -

- Yeah, thanks "Fuck off" - Said Dave

 - Mmm... this wine is amazing , doesn't it Dave? -

- Ughh, well, yes it is...- Said Dave drinking and smiling at David

 - Here's the food , you can ask for the bill when you finish, have a good dinner -

 "Sure I won’t Motherfucker"

- mmm... this is delicious!

Dave watched David eat, well he was devouring actually.

And then he began to eat too

- Well, yes it`s tasty-

-  Yeah - Said David with his mouth full of chicken, he was so hungry he didn't care they were in a fine restaurant

 Dave laughed and cleaned David cheek

- Slow down babe enjoy the food -

 - Oops , sorry Dave... I'll slow down - David smiled at Dave


 - Uhh! How was that babe? - Asked Dave

 - Delicious , thanks!...I really enjoyed this night -

- Yeah? Well, that was all about, to make you feel better kid - Dave smiled

 - Thanks , now... I think we should go -

- Oh yeah , ask for the bill -

"Oops the hardest part"

- Uhhh..yeah, why don’t you call him babe? I`ll wait outside I have to smoke- Dave handed all his money, which wasn’t enough, to David - Just give him this quickly and come with me ok? -

- Mmmm...ok... *this looks like Dave didn't have money, stupid me!* - David accepted the money and prepared himself to run

- Waiter! waiter! - He screamed

Dave walked to the door quickly

-Yes Sir?- Said the waiter
- The bill please -

-  Oh ! Yes of course, excuse me sir, It`s... 200 dollars please-

 Junior joined the bills and made a little stick with them

- Here it is sir, thanks , Bye - David ran fast to the door where Dave was waiting him - Ok , now what?  -

-Well, babe..-

Said Dave grabbing David by his wrist and looking at the waiter talking with the security man,  pointing at them

- Run Now!!!!!!-

- David ran as fast as he could - Why you didn't tell me you didn't had money!? -

- Dave was looking back searching for the security man - Uhh, I was about to tell you, but you were happy, and I didn`t want to disappoint you -

 - But ... it doesn't matter... I would have understand...-David was panting now

Dave stopped, they had ran very far away 
- But...I wanted you to feel happy, I…I couldn`t disappoint you-

- ... Thanks Dave for …don't want to disappoint me , but I don't want you in troubles because of me -

- Naahh, it`s fine baby,  I`ll do anything for you -

 - Thanks Dave - David kissed Dave on his lips... a sweet kiss -

 - Now... let's go to home

*- Yeah, let`s go - Said Dave hugging David
Title: Dinner Time

Pairing: Dave/ David

Rating: NC -17

Wip:  4 chapters. Finished

Disclaimer: Is all fictional, and we don`t own Megadeth or any of his members...( damn )

Warnings: Swearing and...( I have to say it) bad jokes.

Notes: Sorry, the first two chapters are short, don`t worry the third will be long I promise xD

Chapter Two
- Dave... Dave...DAVE...  -Chris couldn't wake Dave up -Fucking bullshit, I hate to use my brain...mmm..-

 Chris thought

- Yeah , that would be a good idea -

Chris took Dave's sheets and threw him to the floor

- Oh you fucking asshole! Why did you do that, jerk? - Dave said trying to stand up - I was having a nice, dream -
 - I couldn't wake you...nice? or wet? .- Asked Chris
- Both...but anyway I`ll found Junior, and he`ll make it true-
- Typical ...Why you don't change the routine?
- Routine? Why? It`s a good one, we fuck, we play, we get stoned, we sleep...I Love it-

- But where's the food?...I'm hungry, Junior is too -

- Ohh! That`s true, Ok, Ok, I`ll take Junior to dinner and...- Dave grabbed his pants - Here- Said Dave placing 30 bucks in Chris hand - Buy something for you and Gar, he is fucking skinny too

- So… you and Junior will go to dinner to a good restaurant and gar and I have to share 30 fucking bucks? Give me some more Dave I know you have more...we need good booze too! -
- Oh yeah, and good drugs too don’t ya?-  Said Dave while he dressed and washed his face

- Food and booze... I don’t ask what you do with OUR money, so don't ask what we’ll do-
-Uhhmm, Ok, just 20 more ok?-

- Ok...-

Dave finished dressing
- So where`s the little guy huh?-

- In his room maybe? Who knows, he can be in the ceiling...-
- Well, I`ll go to his room- Said Dave sighed

 Dave entered Junior`s room. He was in his bed, watching TV

- Oh, Hi Dave, wanna watch TV with me? It's a war movie - Said David smiling

Dave stared at David

- Uhh, well it sounds interesting but...-

- But? I thought you liked war movies; I can change the channel if you want -

- Well yeah I like it, but…- Dave thought that ask Junior if he wanted to dinner in a restaurant with him was a little weird and embarrassing

- Have you eaten today? -

- mmm... no, you know there's no food anywhere here , haha , Why?

- Well...wanna go with me to a restaurant? I mean, if you want-

 - To a restaurant? Mm , sure! I'm starving -

 - Cool, com`on turn off the TV kid -
- Ok - David turned the T.V off as Dave said - Oh! Wait, I'll look for my jacket -

- Ok, hurry up - Said Dave slapping Junior`s ass

- Have you seen it? I can't find it...ah Dave, I just can't find it -

- It`s not under your bed? -

- Mmm... no, Maybe Chris took it, I'll ask him

-  Ok, hurry up! I`m starving too - Dave sat in the bed, waiting for David

David left the room and headed to Chris' there he asked Chris about his jacket-

- don’t you remember? - Said Chris

- Remember what?-

- When Dave burned it?

- Oh yeah, stupid me...I forgot that...well thanks Chris-

 He returned to his room

- Oh just let's go, I don't think it's too cold outside - Said David

- Nahh, maybe isn´t...I can hug you if you get cold kid, so don’t worry - Said Dave hugging Junior

- David sighed - Thanks Dave

Fan Fiction - Dinner Time -

Title: Dinner Time

Pairing: Dave/ David

Rating: NC -17

Wip:  4 chapters. Finished

Disclaimer: Is all fictional, and we don`t own Megadeth or any of his members...( damn )

Warnings: Swearing and...( I have to say it) bad jokes.

Resume: Chris notices that Junior is slimming and talks with Dave to try to resolve the problem...

Notes: Inspired in this picture. Junior and Chris parts by uxfxt  and Dave parts by me.

Chapter One
- Dave, hey Dave , wake up- Said Chris - HEY DUMBASS!...YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!-
 Dave woke up abruptly

- What?...What the fuck now??- Said Dave standing up - What the fuck do you want?-
-Chris looks to booth sides to see if Junior is near...apparently he's on the bathroom

 - Have you noticed that Junior is... how to say it? looks a little bit thin?...not a little bit, REALLY THIN -
 Dave skratched his head
-  Uhmm, I dunno... Is he? -

- Dave , you see him every fucking day and you don`t notice he's thinner than before?!

- Well, he have always been thin...what`s wrong if he is thinner now?
- Ah Dave.. if he's thinner now it means he hasn't been eating right -
- So? I`m not his mouth you know?...Tell him to eat more not me-

- Aaaagh Dave! you're the one who prepares the food and the one who must be worrying about your band members!...What if Junior faints in a concert? What are you going to do then?-

- Beat him until he woke up -

- No Dave , that's not right . When are you going to understand that Junior can't live from your cum, that bullshit can look like milk but it doesn't feed him right!??
 Dave rolled his eyes

- Well, he likes it-

- So what? He can't live from pleasure neither -
- Ok, I`m going to buy him a cheeseburger, ok?-

- Now fuck off, I`m tired I want to sleep more-

-DON'T SLEEP! , he's used to farm food. you know , they eat lots, LOTS -

- He doesn´t-
- Buy him something healthy , if he's your boyfriend you should take care of him -

 Dave stared at Chris for a few seconds

 -Ughh, Ok ok man, I`ll do it...Later, I`ll take him to dinner ok?..In a good restaurant ok?-
- You need to take care of his food EVERYDAY , ok?...And i'm fucking starving too,Gar too...stop buying drugs and buy some fucking food men -

- Ok! Ok! I have understand man! I`ll buy some food later ok? -
- Ok , and food doesn't mean drugs , neither your dick, ok? -

- Yeah, yeah, food I know what it is, now fuck off-

Even more ( Ugh, but no one see them ._.)

Ugh anyway, today I had one of those..."Photoshop attacks"- ( and OMG I love how it sounds in spanish "Me photoshopeé" )

So I made like...

(31) Icons

(4) Signatures

All of  Megadeth, sincerely...LOTS of Dave, and lots of versions...sorry, I can`t stop doing different versions!

Before the graphics, special thanks to

The Brushes Designer

And if someone see this and want one, please take it, and remember credit is love.



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Just  icons

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Megadeth Fiction - You`re mine

Title You`re mine
Pairing: Dave/Junior
Raiting: NC-17
WIP: Complete
Disclamer: It's all fiction and neither me or victoria owns Megadeth

English is not my or victoria`s original language, so if you see any mistake, please tell me and I`ll fix it. Sorry about it too

This is a collab, between me and one friend. Inspired a little in the "kiss" in stage between Dave and Lars in June 22.

Resume: David asks Dave why he kissed Lars...

Dave`s parts by Victoria, David`s parts by Me.

-Dave- Asked David

- What`s Up Junior?- Said Dave

- Why did you kissed Lars? -

-I don´t know - Dave looked at Junior and smiled at him-...well..-

- Why did you kiss him??-

-It was just a little kiss, I didn´t kiss him, he kissed me-

-But why  you let him kiss you? -

- I dont know he just kissed me and he hugged me, so there was nothing to do-

-No!,  you could reject him , and you didn´t-

-Ju-David , it was so fast I don't even realized he was going to kiss me!-

-But you let him do it -

-Aaagh  what you dont undesrtand in "I didn`t noticed it"??- Yelled Dave

-But he did!!!- David said -And stop yelling at me like that-

-I yell at you when I want, you're not my owner-

- Well, you dont own me neither- Said David in a offensive tone

 -I do-

- Of course not- David said - I..I can left you when I want-

- You are mine - Said Dave rounding Junior up against the wall.

- So, I can do whatever I want with you-

-Uhh, Dave get off, and NO you can´t do anything with me anymore-

-I have grew up you know? I`m 47 and I`m no your kid anymore-

-You're here with me, you live because of me and you're my property - Said Dave

- And now you're gonna do what I tell you!- Said Dave taking David by his hips

-You, are. mine. - Said Dave getting closer to David and pushing him against the wall  - Do you understand? -

- I..I´m not yours!- David was trying to push off Dave - Not anymore -

- Shut Up, I`m going to show you, you`re mine- Said Dave roughly

- David opened his eyes- What? How? - David was feeling scared

- This way .- Dave started kissing David

 -N..no Dave wait..stop!-

 Dave started to touch David under his clothes

- Uhmmm, no Dave, stop- Begged David

 -You know you like this bitch , you're gonna be mine - Said Dave pressing his erection in Junior's crotch

- Shut up- Said Dave kissing David again, this time touching his ass

- Ahhh, but Dave- Junior was trying to reject all what Dave was doing to him, but when he tried to tell him to fuck off, just a little moan or whimper was expelled from his mouth

-You know you like it, whore...come here - said Dave pushing David to the nearest couch.

 Dave pulled his shirt off and did the same with Junior's

 David surrendered at Dave´s seduction, at Dave´s power over him. He just unbottoned his pants, and pulled his boxers off his tights

- H..How do you want me Dave?- He said blushing

 Dave forced David to get in four and started to prepare his entrance

- You not even deserve this, I should do it with no lubrication at all-

- Dave, please prepare me it will hurt if you dont do it-

- I don't care , you deserve this, it's just gonna be a little bit - he licked David's ass hole a  bit and started to stick one finger

- Ok , that's too much -

- Dave don´t you´re goin go to hurt me !!-

He slapped Junior and placed his dick on David's unprepared entrance and began to penetrate him

-I 'll show you what happens when you confront me -

David screamed, it was really painful

- Sorry..I´m sorry, d...dont hurt me Dave...Please, dont!...-

-Too late bitch -

Dave fastened his thrusts and David's screams were louder, he pushed harder and deeper , he wanted David to cry and to be sorry for saying he wasn't Dave's property

 The pain was insupportable

 -Oh my god sorry, I´m so sorry Dave, please stop-

-Dave I´m sorry please stop-!

- I´m sorry Dave, please...I´m yours I..I have always been yours and I´ll-

-Please stop!-

Dave stopped for a while thinking if what David has said was enough for him

David was panting

-Did you learnt the lesson?

-Y...yes, I´m..m sorry Dave-

 -You're not goint to think you're not mine anymore?-

-No! No! I´m yours I´m yours- David started to cry again, frustraded for his weakness.

-Ok , now don't cry and suck my fucking dick , you're not going to leave me half-way -

 David felt Dave´s dick left him, then he saw Dave sit in the couch looking at him and then at his dick.

Then he crawled towards Dave´s legs, and took his dick on his mouth, and sucked.

-Oh yeah , that's what I like - Said Dave caressing David's hair

David "mmm"ed and began to bob his head rapidly

-Oh fuck yeah Ju....oh -
Dave was now panting, he liked to feel David's wet mouth sucking his dick and his soft tongue licking it

-Look at me, look at me - Dave said , he also liked when David looked at him, with lust in his innocent eyes

David raised his head a little, just to keep sucking, but looking at Dave. His dick was hard against his stomach

-Yeah, you're a good boy...now... tell me who's your owner?

David stopped sucking, instead of that he stroked Dave.

-My owner is Dave, Dave Mustaine, and no one else-

-That mean you're property of...??-

-I´m property of Dave Mustaine -Said David with a sweet tone

-Good boy- Dave's hand was now wandering all over David's soft tanned skin

David straddled Dave´s tights and sat, brushing his lips against Dave´s

 - I love that swee tone - Said Dave caresing David's hair

-I know you like it- Said David giggling and hugging Dave

Dave returned the hug and gently kissed David

- I love you -

-I Love you too Dave...Wanna make Love to me? - David asked smiling and blushing

 -Now you deserve it ...

-Ok...Dave, could you...lick my fingers?- Said David putting his fingers against Dave´s lips

-Oh ,yours? sure - Dave licked David's fingers as he ordered

- David stared at Dave´s tongue on his fingers

- Yeah, thanks - He said taking his fingers out of Dave´s mouth.

Then he guided  his hand to his ass preparing himselve to Dave.

 -Now you don't need me for that now , huh? - Said Dave stroking his dick

-Uhmm, well...-David licked his lips- Not now...but...-

His hand was coming back
- I´m ready now -

- Perfect babe - Dave was standing up when David interrupt him

David grabbed Dave by his wrists, pinning him on the couch

 -No, wait let me ride you- David said and then guided Dave´s dick to his entrance, and sat.

-Oh god, good idea ju-Babe...- dave grabbed David by his hips and forced him up and down

- Jump, jump...-

-Yeah, I´m jumping Dave....-David quickly was whimpering loudly

- Ahh...It´s....it´s funny to jump- He said in that innocent tone

- Oh that... innocent tone - Dave growled - Fast babe , fast-

David speed up his bouncing, making his back arch , and making Dave crazy

-Oh god David , yeah... jump...jump...- Said Dave panting, feeling he was going to reach the climax

-Oh..my god...ahhh!- David slammed his ass against Dave and came.

Dave came just some second after David , he took his dick out and placed David in his lap

- David... - Said Dave 

David was panting - Yes Dave?.

-Tell me you love me-

David gasped and grinned and then he nearly screamed

-I Love You Dave!-


Hope you guys have liked it :3

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